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The Next Step Dance Studio Testimonials


My family has been dancing with The Next Step Dance Studio for the past 15 years. My three daughters were on team for 12 years at the Next Step. It was an amazing experience not only for our daughters but for our entire family. As a family we traveled to Europe, Disneyland, to Mexico on cruises, and spent numerous weekends at Dance Conventions.

Next Step wasn't just dance classes for our family, it was a huge part of our lives. To this day our closest friends are the families and teachers we have made through The Next Step. Next Step has truly become family to us. Next Step enriched my daughters lives in ways that I couldn't even imagine it would when they began as children. As grown adults, my daughters learned commitment, dedication, friendship, work ethic, confidence, an appreciaton of fine arts and so much more from their family at Next Step.

My youngest daughter grauating from High School and Next Step is bitter sweet. My husband and I are so proud of all her accomplishments both in dance and high school but we are sad to leave the family we have grown to love at The Next Step. As we close this chapter in our lives, I am truly looking forward to all our new adventures with all our Next Step friends.

Leslie Moshy, Alamo CA

When my daughters started dancing at The Next Step Dance Studio over 10 years ago I never realized what an impact it would have on our lives. My daughters quickly fell in love with dance and all that it has to offer. The studio became their second home. The Next Step Dance Studio exposed them to different styles of dance, different styles of teaching and working as a team. They learned what a commitment is, how to work hard, and to enjoy themselves. Through the support of NSDS, our youngest daughter will continue her dance training at the London Contemporary School of Dance. On a personal level, dance families have become an important part of our lives. From weekly classes, carpools, conventions, ballet teas, Disneyland and Europe we have made friends for life!

Allison Gash, Danville CA

Hi Lori, I hope all is well, I saw all of the fun pictures from the Monterey Convention this weekend and it looked like a blast! It brought back a lot of great memories! I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to tell you about my experience working as a Contemporary Dance Instructor at a new studio here in Georgia. I am working with the older girls, high schoolers, like the Senior Lines at Next Step and it has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience! They are really great and always want to come learn! Additionally I am doing a jazz routine for them for competition which is a sassy piece in heels. So fun!

I just wanted to let you know that while some kids and parents at The Next Step don't understand some of the ways that you and Kelly operate the studio, I think that it is SPOT on. The rehearsal schedule and expectations of how many hours the girls are expected to be at the studio on a weekly basis changes all the time here. At The Next Step, the twice a week ballet, Senior Lines on Tuesdays and Rage/Fierce on Wednesdays is exactly the rigid schedule that the girls need. I see some of these high schoolers over here getting completely overwhelmed with the constant rehearsals (even on the Saturdays and Sundays) and struggling to get their homework and high school activities completed in their time off. I can honestly say that I never felt overwhelmed with our schedules at The Next Step. I always knew what to expect each week and never felt like we were ill-prepared for competition.

In hindsight, a lot of what you and Kelly do makes a lot of sense to me! After seeing what other studios are doing here, I have to say that you operate an extremely well run studio. I wouldn't change a thing at all and have found how wonderfully rewarding it is to be on the teaching end at a studio!

Rachel Henry, Former Next Step Student/Performance Team Member

My daughter started dancing at The Next Step Dance Studio almost 10 years ago. During her time at the Studio I have seen her grow from a little girl having fun with the other girls, learning a few steps and dressing up in colorful costumes to a graceful young lady performing with a group of life-long friends.

She has learned much more than dancing. She experienced how an effective team helps and supports each other. She has grown into a responsible adult who cares about her community and whose passion for dance helped earn money for charities in our local area. She watched her teachers and mentors lead by example with a discipline and rigor required to improve. She blossomed physically and emotionally as a result of the classes, competitions, and friendships that she developed at The Next Step Dance Studio. This was a great life experience for her and for us as parents.

Bill Lipsin, Danville CA

My son has been dancing at The Next Step Dance Studio for 5 years, on their performing teams for the last three. He has grown both as a dancers and a young man learning life skills such as time management, goal setting, and responsibility. He has formed wonderful friendships, and developed a strong love for dance thanks to his team directors and class instructors. I highly recommend The Next Step Dance Studio to all dancers of any interest or ability!

Cheryl Johnson
Danville, CA

My daughter started dancing with The Next Step in 2nd grade and has been a member of the performing teams for the past 9 years. I highly recommend The Next Step Dance Studio whee dancers are encouraged and supported do not only strive to do their best, but to let their passion for dance grow and help develop them into successful young adults. It has been a please to watch my daughter grow technically while learning many styles of dance and at the same time, it was a joy to see her belong to such a special family of life-long friends.

In addition to confidence and poise, dancing at Next Step builds the experience - learning how to balance school and other activities has been a valuable life lesson. The opportunities earned, such as being a student teacher, and the technical skills she gained while dancing and performing with The Next Step have enabled her to audition and be selected for the competitive Purdue University Dance Team. As a parent, I am so proud of her accomplishments and so very thankful to The Next Step for all they have taught my daughter in dance and in life!

Ann Neale, Danville CA

My daughters have been a part of The Next Step dance team for the past 7 years. Not only have they learned how to dance many styles, more importantly they have learned the importance of hard work, dedication and working as a team. This work ethic will help them with the rest of their lives. My husband and I are so grateful for the influence Lori and the Next Step staff have had on our girls. They have helped shape the young women they have become. I would recommend the Next Step Dance Studio for all levels of dance. Whether recreational or competition level, all dancers will have a ball at this studio!

Staci Firenze
Danville, CA

I spent the greater part of my childhood at The Next Step as a student and member of their competitive dance teams. The Next Step and it's staff are incredible educators of all forms of dance and some of the best in thri field. The studio is professionally and efficiently run and is the top studio in The East Bay as far as I am concerned. After graduating high school, I went on to major in Dance at UCLA and have spent the past 11 years of my life dancing professionally all over the world. I owe much of my success to the training I received at The Next Step- it created the foundation for which I built my career upon. Now I am a full-time Mom living in Los Angeles, although my family plans to relocate back to Danville within the next few years. I will most definitely enroll my daughter in dance classes at The Next Step when the time comes. I would highly recommend this studio to any parent or child that is interested in exploring the many joys that dance has to offer!

Laurie Milan
Los Angeles, CA

For the past 15 years we have had the pleasure of working with Lori Buffalow and the talented dancers from The Next Step Dance Studio. Every year we are more and more impressed with the commitment, discipline, respect and love of dance that each of Lori's students bring. Lori's innovative approach to dance education and the entertainment business has ranked her as one of the most influential and successful dance studio owners in the country. It is a pleasure to work with Lori and her wonderful dancers, and we look forward to seeing what she does next!

Jackie & Dave
LA DanceMagic

I was a dancer at The Next Step for close to ten years and can proudly say that I woudn't have danced anywhere else. I started as a recreational dancers and grew so much in my first year alone that I was ecstatic to audition for the competitive teams. All of the teachers, both recreational and team instructors, helped to guide and shape both my style and my technique. The teachers are encouragin and they continued to challenge me to grow both as a dancer and an individual. I learned the importance of dedication., team work and how to collaborate with other dancers while making some of my closest friends. The studio has the ability to create a home away from home where you get to learn and expand your horizons as a dancer. The Next Step is a perfect place for all dancers; no matter what level The Next Step has exceptional teachers and classes to offer.

Jordan S. - Danville, CA.

I highly recommend The Next Step Dance Studio. My daughter has taken dance at The Next Step for the past 7 years. The teachers are not only highly trained but relate well to children. Dancing at The Next Step has given my daughter confidence that has made her comfortable in performing in front of audiences. She has built strong friendships. As a member of several of the competitive teams, she has been exposed to many styles of dance: ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and hip-hop. Every year, she looks forward to dancing at Disneyland. The experiences and lessons she is gaining at The Next Step, I believe will last a lifetime.

Kristi J - Danville, CA.

Lori, I am always in awe at how calm and positive you always are, no matter how crazy it gets. You are a true professional at what you do, and we really appreciate it! You are an outstanding role model for the girls - thanks to you and your example.

Susan Foster, Danville, CA.

Lori, Kelly and the entire faculty at The Next Step Dance Studio are stellar dance instructors and their professionalism is outstanding. The studio is run with integrity and enthusiasm and this translates into the students training. The dancers are not only technically proficient in many styles of dance, they are also passionate abot what they do, which shows both on and off the stage!

Kimberly, Hollywood Connection, CA.

The Next Step Dance Studio has been my daughter's second family and home away from home throughout her K-12 years of schooling. The life lessons she's learned here at NSDS are just as valuable as what she's learned in the classroom - passion, commitment, grace and confidence to name a few. It's been an incredible journey for our entire family. My husband has loved being a Dance Dad working with Lori and the NSDS crew on props. For my older daughter, the 4 years of ballet training at The Next Step really helped her be a better D1 athlete in college. As for me, I will always cherish the memories and friendships I've had with the Next Step dancers and families. The European Tour was an AMAZING experience and my daughter and I are so thankful that we were able to share it together. Thank you Lori and the entire staff - we are all truly grateful.

The Nakaso Family, Danville, CA.

My 2 daughters have danced at The Next Step over the past nine years. It has been an amazing experience for them and for our family. Wonderful friendships have developed, confidence in the girls, great experiences with local and international travel, and training in their passion of dance by talented professionals. Being part of NSDS has also taught them lifelong skills of time management between school, family and other obligations. 

Michele Stedman, Danville, CA.





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